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Hi everyone,

I finally let Pebbles interact with Hershey Hugs II a our ten pound chihuahua and Gizmo a 13 pounds Brussels/westie mix dog. She gets along well with Gizmo, however I have to watch her with Hershey, he growls a little too much with her. They both will play with her, but a little rough for me. They are constantly being monitored. I will have to crate her very soon, as I will be returning to work from a long lengthy injury and I am afraid to leave her alone with them. Pebbles will be going back to the vet this week, so I can get her weight, but she appears still not to be 2 pounds yet, she weighed 1.11 when she came to us almost 4 weeks ago. Should I crate her in a separate room from them is my question?
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