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well Ozzy was 7 months when we had lily and I just got her and put them in the garden together and they got on like a house on fire...........they fight but never hurt each other , they sleep together , they fight and steal over each others toys , if I put 2 treats down of the same they will fight over one , they chase each other around the garden , they fight for who sits where on mommys lap................but isnt this what all brothers and sisters do ?

I know if one is out the room the other crys for the other one , just relax and let them get on with it ............. she will love having a baby brothe rto play with

and it is a known fact that if you have a dog and a bitch together the bitch is always the boss..............same with humans :lol:

good luck and keep us posted as we dont see you around here much anymore :wave:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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