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I just got a second chi(male) about 5 weeks ago. I had a 2 1/2 year old female. I introduced them at home in the one room that the puppy is allowed to play in (living room), and I make sure that the older one(Buffy) gets most of my attention, so she doesn't get too jealous. At first she stayed away from Chico, now she chases him, plays tug-of-war with toys with him, and even rolls around on the floor with him. She does growl at him some, but I think it is a play growl. I repeatedly tell her to "be nice" to Chico, she knows what that means from me telling her to be nice when someone pets her. So far this has all worked. The puppy has way more energy than Buffy, I think when he mellows out a little she will like him more. My suggestion is make sure the older chi comes first at everything: eating, mommy holding, going potty out the door, coming in the door, and anything else they do together. Also be patient, all dogs are different some may get along sooner than others. Good luck, and glad to hear your adding a chi to your family! They are like potato chips,"You can never just have one!"
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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