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Introducing Dakota

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Well Marcus has a friend now, a boy a bit over 4 months old. So far they seem to like one another.

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They are so totally different but both adorable. It will be great for them to have a playmate. Congrats Marcus :lol: :lol:
Cute....and i love your kitchen :shock: :wave:
It is about time Marcus got a "sibling" :wink: They look cute together! :)
Hope you can make it to the next Chihuahua Meetup this Sat. at 2:00. It will be held at the "Soutern Agriculture" at 71st and Tulsa.

DUH!!!! It makes sense your last post to me about Gizzie's ears you mentioned Hugs form me and my guys....I was like Guys??? I thought typo, or you were imagining you had another dog....LOL!!!

Congrats, he is so cute....and uhhh more pics? Hello!!! :wave:
Congratulations! :wave: I know you were "waffling," as you said but I'm glad you went ahead and got another dog. Now you have two awesome little guys to spoil. Lucky you. :)
awww what a cutie !! i bet marcus is so happy :wink: looks like they are best friends already

kisses nat
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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