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Hello everyone! My name is Jen, and I just adopted an 8-week old baby named Maya. She's the teeniest thing, 1 pound on the dot. Things have been going well, but I'll definitely need advice on some things! But she's doing absolutely perfect and I couldn't ask for more. Potty training is going well. We have our moments. :) She loves everything and everyone. Our extended family has LOTS of little dogs, and a couple bigger dogs (labs) so she'll have lots of friends to visit. I also have a cat Fez who she's trying to make her BFF without much luck, though he's coming around :)

OK OK without further ado, my precious Maya.

Day I brought her home:

New bandana after her first vet trip with me!

nom nom nom:

short break for the bone :p

What's up?

Ok, good night! Play hard, sleep hard. That's my motto!

Hope that wasn't too many pictures. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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