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Introducing myself and my Princess

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Hello everyone. I'm Nichole, I don't have a chi myself yet, but I am a chi aunt to Princess. Being the aunt is almost as good, I get to teach her all kinds of mommy annoying tricks like "speak" and send her home. :D Princess just turned 2 years this month and is the love of my life. I was never really fond of small dogs, but she has me wrapped around her little paw. I am planning on adopting a chi or two myself in a few months or so. I have been lurking for a little while and everyone seems great. I am glad to have found others that love chi's as much as I do.

Talk to you all soon.

This is my Princess
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welcome :wave: princess is a real cutie

kisses nat
Hello and welcome to you and Princess! :wave:

She is a real cutie!!!
Welcome - she is so adorable :wave:
Hello, and a big welcome to you and princess! :)

I can see why she has you wrapped around the finger, she is a real cutie :D
welcome!! Princess is adorable! You sound like a wonderful Auntie! :D

Bruiser Teddy and Chloe
Thanks for the welcome, Princess and I appreciate it.

Welcome to you and Princess. :wave:
Hi there,what a beautiful chi ...nice color .Oh welcome to our wonderful forum :) :wave:
Hello & welcome Who wouldn't want to be an aut to a cutie like that :wave:
princess looks like a real princess! She's beautiful and i'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more of princess and yourself! :D
Awww so cute... How old and how much dose she weigh? She seems little, More pictures ASAP :lol:
Soon2bechiowner said:
Awww so cute... How old and how much dose she weigh? She seems little, More pictures ASAP :lol:
Princess is 2 years old and in that pic she was about 4.5 lbs, she has since gone up about a pound and is on a diet. I'll post some more pics tonight or tomorrow.

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