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We've had our new addition, Oreo, for just over a week now, so I decided I would post some pictures of her that I've taken since getting her. I've also included a couple of Baby, as she hates being left out. :D

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awwwwww toooo cute i love the name as well suits her perfect
paint my world said:
awwww tooo cute. i love that little blue harness. where did you get that from?
I got it at Super Pet, which I think is a Canadian chain, but they sell them at just about every pet store here, including Petsmart. It is a kitten harness.
She is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!! isn't it fun have two. :wave: :wave:
what a beautiful pair I love his name :wave:
What a great looking team! Love the name "Oreo" fits her perfectly!

I love your puppy,she has beautiful markings :)
She is soo cute, love her markings :) They are a great pair :wave:
Oreo is adorable The pic with baby they look comfy already :D
:shock: Oreo is gorgeous!! What a cutie pie. And Baby is such a pretty girl herself. Hope they are having tons of fun together. :D
lol she still need her fame time. :lol:
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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