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introducing Pip to Maverick and Goose

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We will be bringing Pip home this weekend. He is 16 weeks and 2lbs 12 oz. We have two cats, Maverick and Goose. Mav is 11 months old and Goose 10 mos. What is the best way to introduce Pip to them? Neither of the cats are de-clawed, but they aren't aggresive at all. We want to do this in a way where none of them feel threatened or get stressed out. Thank you!
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:D This might help..hope it shows right!...This book has really good info about general stuff and training in a really cool way...i personally find it funny and fun!

1. under the door they can smell each other without fear of scratching the chis eyes if anything goes wrong.
2. dog on leash, cat with an escape route.
3. show the dog you care for the cat.
You will probably want to clip the cats nails before the intro. You don't want them to scratch the puppys eyes.
We have 4 cats.
The 2 younger cats (they are 2 years) would try to play with my Sandy a little but being cats they really arn't all that interested. So I got another puppy so Sandy could have someone to play with.
You just have to watch them. Sandy learned how close she could get before she got swated by the cats and is pretty good at staying far enough away. Mostly the cats just run from her even though they are bigger than she is. But that is what she likes, to play chase. So they jump on something that she can't get on.
Since your cats are younger they might be more tolerent of the puppy and accept her easier.
those pics are too cute! Well, luckily we clip our kitties' nails okay, so I am def gonna do that. Mav is the one who may hang out and investigate, Goose will be long gone! I think it will be fine, but those book pics reallyhelp! I will have to print it off so I have it at my side.
Thank you both!
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