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So, I didn't exactly follow all the guides to how to nuetrally introduce your new puppy to your dog. I figured I'd picked the most nuetral area possible.

At first, he was running from her. When I was picking out the puppy, I tried to see if Puck had a preference, but he decided to hide under the car seat.

The first night, he wouldn't get within five feet of me or the puppy.

The next night, he would get closer.

About 3 days later he would sit next to the puppy so long as he couldn't see her. (He literally pushed a fold of a blanket up between himself and the puppy so he wouldn't have to touch her).

Now he'll occasionally let her get next to him, but not near his face, and not if she seems playful.

They'll play with one another, but in the past day or so, it seems like Puck is meaner and meaner. He rolls her over and stands over her. Then she bites his you-know-what, and he runs away. I've seen him roll her over and nibble on her belly and neck (that sort of "searching for fleas" nibble that dogs do). This seems quite clearly to be dominance stuff.

Neither one of them wants to eat anything unless the other is eating it. They have separate bowls, but they eash see the other sniff the one, and then they switch.

I think Puck is deliberately forgetting his potty training.

And I can't discipline the new puppy, because he gets upset. When she bites me and I go, "OW!!", Puck comes running up with his tail between his legs, as if he's done something wrong, then he tries to shove her off of me.

Well, my question is, how many of you have dealt with this--how long did it take your existing pet to start enjoying the company of your new pet. Puck is still sort of a puppy himself--he won't actually be a year old until next week.

It seemed like at first, he started getting used to her fairly quickly, but now they're stuck, and Puck almost seems to be backsliding.

It took my grandmother's Maltese about 6 months to learn to deal with the new puppy, but he was older and had always been lazy. So not only was he jealous, but quite annoyed by this thing wanting to play with him.

I'm really hoping it won't take this pair as long...dealing with two sullen Chis is not my idea of a good time.

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Im so sorry you are having such a hard time - I cant really offer any advice as we had lilly when she was 7 months and ozzy was also 7 months at the time - I just put them both in the garden first and they got on from the word go - I dont know if it was because he could smell she was his sister or what but I have never had this problem.

they do the same sort of fighting and growling etc but neither of them actually ever hurt each other it is just play fighting

Im sure puck will come round :wave:

lots of luck

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Oh, the excitement of a new puppy, but the old pup is not as excited...not unusual. I usually bring the pup in, let everyone smell each other, then I usually have an xpen for each-next to each other. That way, when I am away, they can see each other and smell each other, but not food sharing, etc. After about a week, I will put them together while I am at home, but I do not stay and watch them-they are going to have their moments, just like kids. I don't think that I would put a puppy and an adult dog together for long periods of time until I am absolutely sure they are getting along...But it will work with time. :wink: :wave:

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Mine got along great from the beginning too.
Sandy was about 6 1/2 months and Koke was 10 weeks. I just got Koke about 2 1/2 weeks ago. They are not related at all.
We had 2 incidents in the same day where Sandy really went after Koke, but it was because Koke was trying to take Sandy's chew bone and wouldn't quit.
So now Sandy can jump on the couch and Koke can't, so she takes her chew bones up there and chews if she wants to be left alone.
When they play Sandy knockes Koke down and will stand over her but she doesn't hurt Koke. And then after a while Sandy will lay on the floor and let Koke stand over her. So they take turns.
And we make sure that both of them get petted at the same time.
I still take special time with Sandy to let her know she is still my "baby girl". Usually when Koke is sleeping. And I still treat her the same as before we had Koke.

Maybe it will take Puck a while to accept her. Show him that you don't love him any less.

Oh and I wanted to say that I started out feeding them in seperate bowls but they would both eat from the same bowl till it was empty then switch to the other one. Now I just put it all in the one bowl and they share.

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No improvement so far.

My dogs both come with me to work. Puck sits in my lap if he wants and the puppy is behind me on the chair. Sometimes Puck moves behind me too. But if the puppy tries to curl up close to him, he just starts continuously growling very softly. If she does it anyway, he bolts.

The puppy is shoving him out of his own food bowl. I guess he's really not very dominant. Because I have her bowl in one room and his in the other and when she decimates hers, she moves over to his, and he just runs away and looks at me all sad.

Puck has always been free-fed and he never stuffs himself. I'm thinking that this puppy is different and I might have to change my tactic.

They have separate toys too, but Puck steals the puppy's.
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