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Hi! just found this site and wanted to introduce myself. Sparky is my 9 week old Chi/Yorkie mix and he is just adorable. We have had him for 2 1/2 weeks now. Most of my major problems are getting slowly resolved - the crying and screaming at bedtime - the crate worked wonders. Keep it by my side of the bed and he settles right down. Doing well with the potty trips in the night as well. We are training him on pads in his play area where he stays during the day while we are at work. The only potty problems are in the evening when we are playing. I pick him up when I catch him in the act - this has taken a little while to figure out the signs - and tell him no and put him in the play area on his pad. But he's already done and doesn't seem to really "get" it. But he is young and I am learning patience!!

The cat hates him!! She is about 15 lbs and 7 years old. He chases her and nips at her. She growls, hisses and runs! If only she would just stand there and face him down. But she won't. So she is spending a lot of time on the bed or the back of the couch. Someday I'd love to see them sleeping together as I saw in some of the pictures posted here.

He is a real sweet little guy and very affectionate. Just loves to snuggle in my neck and nip and lick!! Oh boy!! He is my first puppy and I think I made a great choice! He loves to sit in my lap before bed and take a little snooze and get some pets. Not sure how I managed without him!!
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