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Is Bruiser sick?*UPDATE*

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When any of you brought your new puppy home, was he really nervous? Because Bru has diarrhea and he keeps scooting his butt along the carpet. He did just get his first round of shots the day before I got him- on Wednesday, could that have anything to do with it?
Please help, I'm kinda worried.
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Lina didn't get sick at all when we first got her. But, she was pretty nervous the first few days. She didn't know what to expect from this new place. I suppose it could be from the shots. Someone els will know better than I would.
they could get diarhea from stress .....and because of the diarhea she's scooting to wipe her butt ??? or she has full anal sacs that need to be expressed at the vet's :wave:

kisses nat
The scooting could also be from worms? Have you seen any worms?

Corky got sick when we first got him but he was sick when we picked him up and it just got worse. Keep an eye on the diahrrea. If it doen't get better really soon, talk to your vet because puppys will dedydrate fast. If the stools start smelling foul (you will know the difference between normal smelling stool and this smell) or if there is blood, get to the vet asap and take a good stool sample right then for them to test for parasites. Don't wait hoping it will get better if you see these things.

We got Corky on a Saturday and by Sunday he was having diahhrea and lethargic. It continued and by Tuesday it was bloody and he was dehydrated. By Wednesday he wasn't eating and by Thursday we almost lost him. He pulled through thanks to a WONDERFUL vet and staff. He ended up having Coccidia and Giardia.

I am not telling you this to scare you as it may just be your baby adjusting to her new home and diahhrea can be common with a change like that. I was still learning when we got our chi and had I known about some of these signs, Corky may not got as bad as he did. Just make sure your baby is eating and drinking. If that ceases, get to the vet too.

I hope your puppy gets adjusted soon and is feeling great!
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I read in another thread that he's only 6 1/2 weeks old. That's pretty young for him to be away from his mother. If he's having diarrhea, be sure to keep him well hydrated and keep the nutrical handy just in case. If it continues for more than a day or so, I'd take him to the vet. With a puppy that young, you want to catch whatever it is before it quickly turns into something much more serious.
Hope he feels better :wave: Marucs was like that when we brought him home but after 2 days he was better. I would still call the vet tomorrow. You can't be to careful.
Thanks everyone, I think I will take him to the vet tomorrow, just to be sure.

PS-one of his shots was a dewormer, so I think thats ok. I hope.
Did you switch his food from what the breeder was feeding him? This can cause temporary loose stools. Please post and let us know how the vet visit goes.
TuckersMom said:
Did you switch his food from what the breeder was feeding him? This can cause temporary loose stools. Please post and let us know how the vet visit goes.
I thought about that, and I use the same dry food, but I added some canned food too. Not much, but some.
Perhaps the canned food was just too rich for his system. If it is something that he wasn't eating with his dry food at the breeders, then it could definitely cause some gastric upset. Still, your best bet is a visit to your vet just to be sure that all is well with your new pup. :)
I think I will, god forbid he may be sick. I'll be sure to post the results. :wave:
Well we just got back from the Vet and after and exam we found out that Bruiser was sick with coccidia. Its a bacterial infection in his lower intestine. But we were given a week of anibodies and some good food and he'll be on his quick way to recovery.
Thanks to everyone for your support. :wave:
I am so glad you got him to the vet so quickly. Corky had Coccidia and he went downhill fast. Within one day of the meds Corky perked right up and in about 1.5-2 days his stools were firm. He began eating very well the day after starting the meds.

I will keep Bruiser in my thoughts and hope for quick and speedy recovery!
Sorry he was sick but glad it is something minor and easily treated. Hope he is feeling better :wave:
We are glad he will be feeling better :wave:
So glad he's feeling better!

Just keep in mind that sometimes it takes several rounds of antibiotics to completly get rid of the coccidia. If it goes away and comes back call your vet.
Sandy had 2 rounds of the liquid Albon and 1 round of pill form before her's went away. Koke had 2 rounds of the liquid.

Just keep on top of it, it will go away eventually. :wave:
Hope your little fellow is feeling better today.
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