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Hi everyone, i know u prob get these qusetions all the time but just wanted to ask, where did u leave ur chis wen they were pups wen u left the house?

Like i plan to have a crate as it seems to be the best way to house train (am i right saying that?) So do u leave them in the crate? But then u cant expect a puppy, wen they are young, to hold it in for a few hours while ur out can u? Will she not end up just soiling her crate then?

Also do u all think crate training is best as pads encourage them to pee inside? and then does that mean u hav to be taking them outside every half hour or so? and wat do u do at night then keep them in the crate?

Sorry for all the questions!

P.s the most i work is 3 days a week and between 4-7 hours at a time so she wont be alone too much.

Hey! =) Don't be sorry for the questions! We just want best for our babies!:D Most people here crate train. Which works perfectly when you work and other reasons. I don't work, so I am home all day with my babies. *Lucky* lol So for me, I don't use crates at all. So when I got my puppy Kizzie back in 2009 I was lucky to be able to be home with her all day and train her that way. So now whenever I leave all 4 of my dogs are never crated, they just chill in the house lol I always take them potty right before I leave and as soon as I get back in.
Sorry I couldn't help more! Others here crate train & can help you more! =) :hello1:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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