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I could seriously be the winner of "The most commonly asked questioner award" so no worries!!

You will get as many answers as members here. Ultimately, you have to take in all the information and then try some things and decide for yourself what is best for you, your babies and lifestyle.

Ours stay in something that looks like this: 40" Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence B: Pet Supplies

I notice that it is more than what I paid. We are getting a second so that they (now that there are 3) can have plenty of space.

I do not have individual crates/kennels and I am one who pad trains. I do think that I am in the minority.
We live on a creek and have hawks, owls, raccoon and coyotes so my girls are only ever out on leads. We do not have a fence. 3 dogs under 4 pounds each would be easy prey.
Suiting each up in harnesses and leads several times a day to potty does not work for us. I use washable hospital bed pads.

Again, my way works for me. Others have chosen better ways for them. You get to learn from everyone and decide from there!
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