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I am home all day, and I crate train anyway! Not just for potty training, because that is taken care of by me being here all day, but having a dog that is comfortable in a crate is a great idea for a lot of reasons.

We do agility and rally. It is great to crate one dog while we are in class, then crate the other for the first one's class. If someone like a repair person comes over who does not like dogs, I crate them. Long road trips- crate the dog, camping trip- crate the dogs in the tent so they for sure can't sneak out. Crates are really great. To get them totally comfortable in their crate my dogs are all crated at night for the first 6 months they live with us (adults or puppies).

The important thing is to never give your dog the opportunity to soil their crate. If you are going to be gone for longer than they can hold it, don't crate the dog. If you are regularly going to be gone for longer than the dog can hold it you need to confine them to a bigger area than a crate and leave a pee pad. Even if I left my dogs out with a pee pad during the day I think I would still crate train. It is just so handy, and my dogs love their crates.
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