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I'm crate training Jaden for his own safety. I reassembled the very large one that was my dobermans and put in toys, a water dish, bedding and a pee pad in the back. At night I have a tiny crate that he goes in after he eats, plays etc. with a heated up gel pack underneath the bedding. I snuggle him up in a baby receiving blanket, cover the crate and he goes right to sleep. He'll wake up and let me know if he has to potty, usually about 2 am. He hasn't soiled in his crates for weeks now. He complains about being in the big crate if he's not ready to nap, but is learning how to settle himself down and play contently when I can't let him out. I'm going to get a baby Kong today for him and put peanut butter in it. Sometimes people freeze filled Kongs so the goodies will last a little longer.
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