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Is it alright?

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I was wondering if is alright to breed a mom with the son? The lady that I am thinking of getting my Chi from was telling me with the litter I would be getting mine fom is that she was going to breed the mom with her son and said that her vet said it would be alright to do that. It didn't sound right to me and was wondering if was true. Her vet said that is why they call them Bitches. Just wondering? I didn't want to get a deformed Chi. Thanks for any info. on this!!
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A lot of breeders will do a second generation back cross, such as grand daughter to grandfather or grand daughter to a grandson of a certain stud or bitch but even that can be tricky. Doing a son to mother is asking for health problems in a litter. No line is without it's problems and crossing them that closely amplifies the problems.

Just as an aside the word bitch when used about a dog has no negative slang connotations. It's just what female dogs have been called since the middle ages. The actual, primary meaning of the word "bitch" was a female dog, or more generally a female canine (female wolf, female coyote, and so forth).

The origin of the term is apparently from old Norse, bikkja, or old German bekjon, through Old English, bicce, through Middle English, bicche, to the modern English spelling and pronunciation.

In various forms, then, this term for a female dog has been in use for over a thousand years.

Calling a human female a "bitch" is like calling a human male a "pig" which is also a perfectly acceptable term in the animal world but insulting when applied to a person.
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:) Thank you so much for the heads up on this. Now I know that I shouldn't get one of those pups. I thought that it sounded funny when she said that she was going to breed the mom to her son. Also thanks for letting me know about the meaning so I can correct her. It's sad when one, a vet gets his info wrong and directs someone in the wrong direction. Two, when a breeder doesn't do there homework. :D Thanks again for all your help, I'm just here trying to learn all I can before I get my Chi :) Jenny
kc britain dose not object to this breeding

If the breeder knows whats she is doing, i do not see a problem, i know it sounds awful incest & everythng, dogs are not like us they have 1000s of genes in them, if she can get good quality pups with good traits, looks temprement, you could have the perfect dog, i have not done this my self but would consider it in the future.
I don't beleive in this at all myself personally! A neighbour of mine did it one time and pups came out with missing toes ect and other disformaties! I wouldnt risk a pups health, what do you do with a pup that has no toes? Nobody will buy him! & evan if you decide to keep him, It would be unfair on him to live a life like that especially if it could be avoided. It seems people would only do that for money, not thinking of the possible outcomes, as there is always a risk. I beleive its a cheaper way to breed, as you dont need to buy anymore dogs (studs ect) and you could just keep it all in the family, more profit for the breeder. Personally as I said I think if a breeder was to do this, they'd be thinking of nothing but the money for themselves! Sorry if that sounds harsh!
breeders of chis

If they have been breeding a great number of years, i,m talking 20 30 years & there is a still a few out there thats when i mean they know what they are doing, not these people who have just got on the band wagon to make money.
I understand your point :)
But am just one of the people that see it as incest! :? I guess thats just me! : :?
chi breeding

Look i guess im much the same, but dogs are different, chis are pure bred not man made, meaning they have not bred them them down in size, but some one has put few yorkies & poms in the breed over the years, which we will never know about, people keep saying they are delicate( my bum ), they are hardy little dogs thats why they live so long, when pups yes have to be careful, only if you stand on them, they are clever as they get older & watch your feet, i know a lady who had a chi lived till 24 now thats a clever dog, must have broke her heart thats a life time.
I appreciate all your help on this. She's only been breeding for a couple years that I have learned and i do believe that the pups would probably be unhealthy. I would rather pay good money for a healthy pup then for a pup that could have health problems. Her Chis are not even papered and don't think she is doing it for the love of the chi. So, I just want to thank all of you for the advice and clearing this up for me. I'm not saying what she might doing is wrong, I just think she knows what she is doing. I want to get my first pup from someone that knows what they are doing as much as I have done my homework to find out what a Chi is really all about and have come to love the breed myself and want to have a healthy Chi for the next 24 years! :D
bless you chi lover

You have really looked into it, which i think is great, at least you know how long you have your little freind for, have you had chis before, i could give you bit of in fo, they are brill, as pups yes they are quite delicate, as they get older no probs they stand there ground with a great dane & i mean it stroppy little buggers, every body on here treats there chis as babys i dont they are my freinds part of my family, tell them of when need be, my little pup is round back in the garden with my other chis only 8 weeks old, they have learned her every thing even house trained her, not had to do a thing , thats what so dif about chis, they are brill
I would love to have more info on them. I had one whenI was 14 years old and it was my little baby. My mom sold it one day when I was in school and broke my heart. Now I would love to have another but I wanted to make sure that it would fit in nice with my family and I want to make sure that I can care for it properly. My son is four and would be starting school this year and I wanted a friend to hang out with me and that would be a good attention to us. My children are very gentle and careful around small animals, which I made sure of. Anymore info would be great. Thank you!!! :)
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