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is it dangerous to take them outside?

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would it be dangerous to take chi babys outside, and to see people before they have there shots?
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You can take them outside just don't put them on the ground...
As far as people they love people at early ages it seems to help the sociallization. I have had Gadget since he was 3 weeks old and the only time I have left him home is if my husband(Mark) or daughter is home and when I went into the hospital and Mark took Gadget to work with him.

Gadget loves people and he gets real excited when he sees people he likes...

When the kids next door are out and they scream he gets mad. but when he hears them play he looks out the window at them like he is happy because they are out there...

I even take Gadget shopping with me.. It will be interesting this spring when he gets to go on the ground.. 1 more month and he is walking o the ground..

I have a bet with my mom that he will not leave my side when he is outside...
a fellow oregonian am I noticeing! How nice! I live in the portland area.

Don't put them on the ground, until they have there full bout of shots? just clearing that up
correct. they could get a numurous amount of viruses and diseases just by coming in contact with them in the soil/grass. wait until they are fully vaccinated.
okay, so I CAN take them OUTSIDE but i CAN'T put them on the GROUND. lmao just mking sure i got this right.
You got it right...

I used to live in the Portland area... most of my life... until 2 1/2 years ago... We moved tot he Grants Pass area.
You also need to consider not putting them on the ground if you take the with you to a public place like the pet store. They can catch things that way too.

The only place Gadget has been on the floor is at home.. 1 month left then he is grounded... hehehe
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