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Yeah. Peanut has growled at me too. But very rare for her to actually do it to me. THe first time I heard her growl was when I was saying no and pointing my finger at her. She was biting me cuz she's teething, only 3 months old, and she bite hard, so I said no and pointed my finget at her.. I found out right away, she does not like it when I point my finger at her. I've been trying several techniques but saying no is the main thing. And bad girl. She doesn't bite hard anymore, just softly, to play. Although now she is whining. She did this once when we went over my mother-in laws house, for the first time. She wanted to be held for the most part. BUt I did put her in her carrier when we were eating and she was a very good girl. BUt when I let her out, she would not whine but more like cry cuz it seemed like she was scared. Then we took her to the park for the first time, she cried again. She didn't want to be walking. She wanted me to hold her. Although I have heard she shouldn't be out until she gets all her shots. That was the first and last time, until she gets all her shots. BUt my point is, does she cry cuz she's scared and just need to get used to it? Or have I totally spoiled her? She hardlyt ever whines or cries at home and I never put her on my lap unless she wants to be there. Most of the time she's playing on her own.
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