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That is exactly what that means...if she is growing and barking at you, its because she wants you to pay attention to her because she views herself as the alpha.

Though I agree that you need to show your the alpha and hold her on her back, I would suggest not speaking nicely to them while doing so. The correction is not suppose to be a pleasant experience, nor is it a negative experience. When other dogs correct eachother they dont do it in a nice sweet way or an overly agressive harsh way...they just correct eachother, basically you will do what I tell you because I am in if's, and's or but's about it. Once the dog is calm the reward is that you let it back up. Nothing more needs to be said. If you talk sweet to the dog all they will hear is that calming tone and think "hey this is pretty nice...if I bark and act all nasty she will flip me over and talk all nice and sweet to me". Again, a correction is just that, a correction....its not negative, its not positive, its just telling them that they will not act out and that you are the boss...period.

If your chi growls at you do NOT look at her, do not talk to her, dont touch her, just completely ignore her. The moment you give eye contact while she is misbehaving you have just rewarded that behavior because she has gotten your attention. If she becomes very pushy about getting your attention you just calmy but assertavly put her on her back and say either "no" or "enough", whatever you want your cue word to be to tell her to knock it off. Hold her there until she is completely biting, no barking, no growling, no moving, just total relaxation. Once that happens you can just let her up. She might not be happy with you, but thats because she is use to getting her way all the time and now she cannot.
Wow, I feel like I have been saying this a lot lately. I just had two private lessons with agressive dogs, only these dogs were much older and were known biters....much worse then your pup but this is what is ahead of you if you do not nip this in the butt now! Stop this pushy behavior before it becomes a serious problem. If you have other members in your family they need to do the same thing you are....consistancy is the key and if there is no consistancy then your dog will never learn how to behave.
Hope this helps!

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