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IS IT NORMAL? (second edition)

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:scratch: Is it normal for chis to chew on kleenex or toilet paper?...Stinky just started doing this....he's so freakin' smart sometimes i have absolutely NO CLUE :shock: where he gets the paper from... the toilet is off limits for him!...oh..and another thing...NOW, he pees at the edges of the pee pad and poos in the centre!!! :scratch: HE'S JUST WEIRD! :D :D :D
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We call Bosco the Kleenex Theif! What does that tell you? :lol: Maybe Stinky and Bosco could form a Weird Club and be President and Vice President. LOL
Nemos the same way. Hes in the bathroom at night and we cant even keep toilet paper on the wall casue he will find a way to get it. and he does too.
I use to have to hide it from my babies not I have to cause of my puppy.
so mine must be weird too
Luna is the same way....she LOVES paper....from toilette newspapers.
the pooing and peeing thing. They dont like to do it in the same place, its normal to do it in different places on the pad. :D
zoey LOVES kleenex. i've got a cold right now so i keep having to blow my nose and everytime zoey hears me pull a kleenex from the tissue box she RUNS over and hops up on my lap to try to steal it!!! :shock: i don't know WHY she loves kleenex so much!!

she also pees on the corners of the pee pad-- she usually gets all 4 corners until she'll start peeing in the middle :lol:
Tucker loves kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper, junk mail, etc. If it's paper, he wants it. He shreds it and eats some of it. :?
:D :D Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what Stinky does Tuckersmom...I'm a purse-a-holic :oops: so I have more than 20 bags I keep in my closet, I've been finding shredded shopping receipts EVERYWHERE and I was wondering where he was getting happens SNEAKY LITTLE STINKY has been going in and out of my closet for days...

:wink: Well, at least I know now his paper fascination is normal :D :D
Auggie is the same too! If it's paper he wants it to chew up or eat. It took a million no's to stop him from standing up and getting the toilet paper. We have to be real careful with kleenex. Tody we did some painting and had newspaper in the floor. I heard this weird noise and when I looked he had torn a piece into shreds! so many toys and they want paper to shred! :lol: :lol:
keeks is the same theres bin many a time ive woken up in the morning to find my room covered in tissue, how such a small cute dog cud makeso much mess! lol, they really r the cutest little weirdos
x :D :D
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