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Is it safe for a puppy....?

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:wink: Question here, is it safe for a puppy with only 2 sets of shots to be out and about? At the chi meet we have a member who would like to go but her puppy is only 15 weeks and only 2 sets of shots done..all the other chis are vaccinated and she won't let the puppy on the ground? or could she? the meeting is at a it safe for her to do this? :wink: I'm so clueless about this, it's been a long time and I can't remember anything! :D
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She shouldn't let the puppy down.The pups needs his full vaccs before she lets him touch ANY ground, even if all the other chis have been vaccinated who know what other dog that hasn't been with parvo has been around :? SO tell her please dont put that pup down until she/he is fully vaccinated :wink:
After second round they still aren't vaccinated for Rabies yet (unless you're in Florida, sometimes they do it at 13 weeks I believe). So, while it's probably unlikely a bat will swoop down and bite your chi, it's better to be safe than sorry! =) Good point about the DHPP vaccinations too, although they are "boostered", it isn't until the third booster that you can be sure they are immunized (~20% dogs immunized by 8 weeks, ~60% by 12 weeks, ~90+ by 16 weeks). Each dog's immune system works differently, which is why they are boostered at each stage to ensure the vaccine has greatest potential to build enough antibodies.

Although it might seem ironic, the most critical time to shield your puppy from other people/environment, is at the animal hospital. Here is the highest concentration of diseases and communicable illnesses, and it's also the place your puppy gets vaccinated. So feel free to bring your pup in a carrier, let people know it's not vaccinated fully if they want to touch, keep it away from other dogs, and feel free to put your own blanket down on the exam table. =)
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Right, I agree with everybody, especially with ilovesadie- I also never put Richie down at the pet hospital and do not allow him to play with dogs there- you never know what they might have... I did not let Richie out until his vaccinations were complete, I'm just not a risk-taker :lol:

Richie's mom
chiwi has had 3 sets of shots so far and because of her size and for a just in case the breeder lied, which i am comfortable she didn't but he ahs dealt with some very shady breeders... my vet wants to go one more (this week) and also the rabies. i put her in the grass in my yard a week ago, but i don't put her down anywhere else. she comes to work with me but doesn't touch the floor out in the hospital area she hangs out in the kitty ward of the boarding kennel.
My vet was the same way. He said this isn't a local breeder that I know. So although she has included the labels of the shots she used and it's a very good one I can't guarantee she kept it at the right temps so lets give an extra booster. I was quite happy with this because we go to various lakes most of the summer and camp and I don't want any possibility he could catch anything.
I'm with everybody here.. don't put them on the goround until they have that last shot..... Gadget's is last set of shots are a week from today.. I can't wait... I want to take him outside on the grass so bad... with all the wild animals around here I have been very prosistant about him not going on the ground...

Everybody laughs at me and tells me I listen to my vet too much... well, at least he is healthy and I am not worried baout him catching anything...

the only thing that worries me is the leptovirus when we go camping...
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