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I agree with the others about not adding enticing goodies to her meal. Especially if the meats are cured. Too much salt for our wee ones. Not to mention how much pickier it will make her.

Puppies do require more food than adult dogs. I would be concerned about her getting plenty while she is still growing. I'd feed a high quality grain free food.

I am still feeding mine the puppy amount because each is nicely shaped and ribs are clearly felt. One of mine will have a propensity to be fuller than the other two. I will watch her and reduce her food if I notice her weight changing too much. I want to protect her back and legs.

My littlest one is close in age to your baby (she will be 10 months on Monday) and she is also close in size. She is 3.2 lbs. or 1.45 kgs. My other two are over a year old now and weigh 3.7 lbs. or 1.7 kgs. Mine all grew in spurts and then leveled off for a month or two and then growth again. They are all different. Some here have babies who grew at a more steady pace.
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