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Is my chi normal size or small?

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I was just wondering how much everyone's chi weights so i can compare my baby to theirs - my coco weights 1.75kg less than two bags of sugar - she is 8 months but the vet says she will only grow to 1.9 maximum as she's done most of her growing!

Plz help x
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she's a small chi !! actually she weighs thesame as paris on this moment, she's 7 months and a bit less than 3 pounds and a half :wave:

your vet is right she will probably not grow a lot anymore

kisses nat
xx-nathalie-xx said:
she's a small chi !! actually she weighs thesame as paris on this moment, she's 7 months and a bit less than 3 pounds and a half :wave:

your vet is right she will probably not grow a lot anymore

kisses nat
Paris is tinyyy!!! Gizzie is weighing in at 3.9 as of 19 weeks.... :D

I hope he gets to 6 pounds... :D

I love your new siggy :wave:
thanks :D cosmo's a six pounder :wink: and vienna will be a three pounder too

kisses nat
Chico's a big boy, he weighs around 8 1/2 - 9 pounds. :D
My Chloe is 3lbs, and just turned 22months :shock: Has a 20pound "attitude" :wink:
I would say she will just fill out a bit more but probably wont gaion more than 1/2 pound more :wave:
last month at 5 months old chiwi weighed 2.3 pounds. not sure what she is weighing in at now. i'll know soon when i take her in for her prespay bloodwork.

what's the kg in pounds?
Roxy will be 2 years next week and weighs in at 3.5 after dinner.
Thanks guys, its interesting to find out! 1kg is the equivelent to 2.2lbs to i guess coco is a lil smaller than average standing at 1.75kg at 8months with not much to grow. What is all the talk i've of a tea cup chihuahua? I heard no such thing exists just that some dogs are smaller than others just like us humans some short some tall - all your babies are lovely, fandabydosey! :D

Hi all! I'm new here!

I have a 6 month old, blue, female chi. Her name is Flirt. She has CDA, which is color dilution alopecia, and is losing all her hair except on her head and ears. I can't tell if she's going to have hair on her tail and legs yet since it is geting sparse, but I also think she is losing her baby hair. I don't know when they start doing that.

She is still too cute. I just dress her a lot!

I don't know how to post pictures on her or I would do so.

Anyway, she only weighs 1 3/4 pounds. I think she'll only get to about 2 pounds or so. The breeder said she'd get to 5 to 5 1/2 pounds, but we don't think she'll make it. I have heard that at 6 months they have most of their weight. Is this true?

Oh, I see how to add an attachment down at the bottom (hehe) so I'll include an early picture of Flirt at 9 weeks.
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Hi and welcome, i am quite new here aswel, so i guess we are the two newbies eh hehe!

Sorry to here about your girls hair loss situation - its a wee shame, she is ok other than that right? I'm sure she is beautiful, just make sure she gets lil jackets to put on to keep her nice n cosey!

I didnt know how to post pics at 1st either - i went to the index, "ciggs and graphics" then "will make" post, the woman says she will make them, and she does them very lovely - your luck might be in if you ask her nicely!
chi weight

My Roxy is 15 weeks old and doesn't weigh 2 lbs yet.

From what I knew, the term teacup is not a true term. People associate that word with a very small chi, "toy" chi. It's referred to this chi's that were the runt of the litter.
Hope that helps.
Runt meaning the ugly one? Oh i hope my coco is not considered one of them then - she can do shows if i want so i guess she is of perfect standards as far as crufts is concerned!
Daytona of 3 years Ranges from 6 - 7 lbs
Lady at 2 years+ is 4.5 and usually holds steady at that
Sturgis is 6lbs at 10 months
with mine depends on how active they are during warm weather they are out in the yard running alot.
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