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Is some tears (staining) normal?

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Gunner was on Eukanuba when we first got him. His eyes just poured all the time and his coat was dreadfully dull. I got him switched over to Blue and his coat improved significantly. Well now he's on a combo of ZP, S&C, and raw (mostly chicken, some deer). His coat is just gorgeous and shiny. He still has runny eyes but not nearly like when we got him. I could tell if he were a lighter color he would have bad tear staining. So is this normal? Or is it a sign of an allergy? He does scratch a little. I don't think it is fleas since I've not seen any or any flea dirt. I did bath him in a flea shampoo a few days ago to be on the safe side (which made his skin super flaky).
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I am curious about this as well. I had been feeding my dogs Nature's Variety Instinct kibble mixed with the canned version and they both look great. Their coats are like silk but Charlie still has tear stains. I just used that Groupon that someone posted about to buy two bags of Ziwipeak. I'm feeding that exclusively so I can see if that helps. It will also give me a chance to see how long a bag will last so I can decide if I can afford to feed that all the time.

I have a bottle of Angel Eyes but I'm going to wait before using it to see if the Ziwipeak makes a difference.
A little tear staining right in the inside corners of the eye is normal. Heavy tearing or a lot of staining are not. Your chi should not look all wet or gooey under the eyes.. just a touch on the inside corner. Anything else is allergies probably but could be infection.
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