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it could just be extra swelling and i the string could be internal stitches which dissolve after a few weeks (can take up to 3 months to completly dissolve)
however i would now take him back to YOUR vet and have him take a good look now that the major swelling ahs gone dwn, also put the bit of string you cut in a plastic ziplock bag and take it with you, that way he can identify.
unfortunatly there have been some cases of low cost surgeries for shelter animals being done by vets whos licenses have been revoked and sometimes even the best of vets messes up, so definatly get your pup checked by a vet you trust, i doubt the shelter will tall you anything that will help you, your best bet is have your vet check him over well and look at the string, have him feel for lumps and such as it could very well be they left a testicle or perhaps a forighn object, or, more than likely just be swelling.

best advice unless the pup is acting real strange/sick/in pain, likelyhood is its nothing of major concren and nothing a trip to the puppy doctor wont cure.

keep us updated and hope everything goes fine! and congratulations on the new pup.
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