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Is this mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Every night my pups have a lick fest for about an hour (ears, privates) i hate it :x especially when company is over so they really hate the taste of that bitter apple stuff so i dab a little on the right places don't worry it is made for the skin well no lick fest for about 3 weeks. :tongue3:
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chimom said:
Ozzy&Lily'sMom said:
Yes I think you are lol

What they are doing is totally normally - they are having a wash and washing each other - if you have visitors over and they are offended by dogs cleaning themselves I wouldnt invite those visitors again :lol:
I totally agree - Hey, you don't like my doggie's perfectly normal behavior, then don't come to my house! :lol:
Exactly! :wave:
jennifer said:
I am not saying they can't clean there selfs just don't spend allday cleaning each other.
I doubt it's all day, just more often than you'd like. Please just let them be dogs and do what's natural and healthy. You've probably got them very confused. I don't want to be mean about it, but maybe you shouldn't have dogs if you find their normal behavior so appalling or disgusting.
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