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Is this mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Every night my pups have a lick fest for about an hour (ears, privates) i hate it :x especially when company is over so they really hate the taste of that bitter apple stuff so i dab a little on the right places don't worry it is made for the skin well no lick fest for about 3 weeks. :tongue3:
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My three will lie in a big pile and groom eachother for a half
I also think its totally cute. They dont have the ability to wash themselves like we do so this is how they clean cannot keep them from doing this because its just what dogs do.

The problem is that we take our human emotions put it on the dogs...fact is that what we consider inapropriate behaviors is totally normal in the animal word. Not only does this help keep them clean but it is a way for animals to bond (foxy stole my You are basically telling your dog its wrong to clean themselves and you are punishing them for totally normal dog behaviors. How would u like it if someone took away your toilet paper and told you that you werent allowed to clean urself after you go potty or clean ur ears if you get some wax in it. Better yet, how would u like to be punished for trying to clean urself after u use the bathroom or take a shower. Dogs licking themselves is just like us taking a shower....a shower is the human way and licking is a dogs way....doesnt matter how gross u think it is...its normal.

I totally agree with foxy...I use to work for an animal behavorist and this is a very normal, very healthy thing your dogs are doing and it is very wrong for you to try to stop them. Dogs are in a constant state of establishing a pack order and this is one of the ways to do so. The less dominant ones will groom the dominant ones and so establishes who is in charge, it also serves as a bonding oldest chi Tequila is the alpha, but she will still groom Ginger and Kylie because they are part of her pack. All three of them will try to groom me as I will be sitting on the chair and Tequila will try to lick my ears, Ginger and Kylie try to lick my feet. I dont allow them to do this often because it tickles me but the reason the do this is not because they are showing effection...they are just letting me know that they see me as the alpha and this is a way to show their submissivness.

Again, please stop punishing your dogs for cleaning themselves. Its cruel.
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Your not understanding us.....its normal. My dogs in a day groom eachother about 1/4 to 1/2 the day. I am also sure they are not doing this for 24hrs.

Please take our advise, especially since we have an animal behaviorist telling u its normal. We are not trying to be mean but you are being cruel. If your chi's are grooming themselves then it needs to be done.

Also, if they are doing it a lot maybe they have something allergies. If what you say is ture and they are doing it ALL DAY maybe they have allergies...but i highly doubt they do this all day.

They are probably bonding...either way you punishing them is not right...its wrong and it will cause behavioral problems later. Again would u like it if you were punished for cleaning urself...just think in a day how often u spend cleaning urself in one way or another, either by washing hands, face, while in the bathroom, showering, etc.....
Maybe I'm the weird one, but I honestly don't see what is so gross about them grooming each other.
Thats because there is nothing gross about it. Its just not appropriate behavior in the human world but you cannot expect a dog to behave like a human...i mean we already expect them to potty outside or on a pad...something that is not in their nature but gosh at least let them bathe themselves.
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