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Is this normal!!!!!

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Peanut is in the chewing stage. Well last night she was biting me hard. She was growling as she was doing it and the more I said no, the angrier she got. I gave her time out in her crate, which by the way I don't crate her, I put her in a pin since we are gone most of the day. But I wanted to let her know she was being punished so I put her in her crate. She was howling and barking and crying and whining like you won't believe. Is this normal??? Also, is the biting and growling normal? She is 3 months old.
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Yes, absolutely normal. Grizzly does the same thing and it didn't take him long to learn what the words, "Time out" mean! I put him in the corner with a baby gate (makes a triangle-from wall to wall - putting him in the corner) I only make him stay for 2-3 minutes but as far as he is concerned - that's long enough! I won't stand for him nipping at us or growling unless it's his playing growl. And there is a difference.

Last night he wound up in time out twice.
Ya know what we do? We ground our chi's. Yep, sure do, last time Lola got nippy with me, she was grounded for a week!
Mikey's at the point now to where if he snaps at us and I have to fuss at him he will walk to his crate b/c he knows his butt has to go there. I do not tolerate him growling at me.
So, how long should I keep her in the crate?
Last night she was howling for what it seemed like forever. She didn't stop. So I finally went in the roomo and stood over her. When she stopped, I took her out. Is that when you should let them out?
Yes when they do what u want that is when u praise them etc. Bindi is a biter too, this outta be real fun :roll:
Buster is already 10 months old but recently started the biting thing. He is ALWAYS very gently but I don't want him to get the idea that it's o.k. so I immediately tell him no. With Buster, he is such a sensitive and loving guy, all you have to do is barely raise your voice and he stops and then puts on his 'I'm cute' show. :)
Yup, she's definitely getting into the toddler stage now! lol This stage is from 12-16 weeks. Some regard it as h-e-double-hockey-sticks! Sally Mae is there now too and is very annoying at times. She can be a very bratty girl! lol I am finding that if I put her harness and leash on and walk her around the house (inside of course when the weather is too cold!)a few times making her "heel" it helps. Also if she is getting rowdy and fresh and biting too hard, I pick her up (quickly) under her armpits out in front of me with her legs dangling and make her make eye contact with me until she relaxes and looks away. When she submits like this I give her a lot of praise. At this stage of a puppy's life it's important that they know you are alpha without a shadow of a doubt! :D I really can't wait for this stage to be over though...and now as Sally Mae comes out of it Wiz will be getting into it! AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!
Thanks guys, this really helps. She has been good. Now I say no and raise my voice and she will stop so it seems to be working. Of course, she still does it, but at least she is starting to realize that I am the alpha....this is too funny and I can't wait till it's over...I'm pooped!
Raz did that to me as well today when I got his leash out for a walk.....but then again I knew he was just playing because my mom's dalmation did the same thing.

Are you sure she wasn't just playing and got out of control?

When Raz bites me or my husband we push our fingers, which he bites alot, way back in his mouth and hold it there for 5 seconds....after that he doesn't dare bit us again....he may nibble but he doesn't bit. When he keeps biting though we crate him and ignore him when he makes a fuzz.
Kiwi used to be real bad about that. I would yell Ouch and say No that hurts and now she doesn't do it as bad but if she is really excited to see me she likes to hold my hand in her mouth but not put to much pressure. It can be frustrating when they go through that stage. Peaches like to nip and my lip when she gives kisses and that hurts.
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