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is this possible?

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coco is 15 weeks old. she's been with us for almost 7 weeks now. we use the pee pads to train her. i won't let her go outside to potty. anyways its been three whole days with no accidents. she's went on the pad every single time. but we still keep a close eye on her. is it safe to she is trained or close to it?
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I would say she is well on her way to being trained. She is still young yet, and may have the occasional accident, but I think you'll find the accidents become fewer and fewer in the next few months.

Jasmine was trained to the pee pads by the time she was 3 months old, but occasionally had an accident in the kitchen or bathroom. But she never went on the carpet. She hasn't had any accidents in a long time now. I was lucky, I guess. Jasmine was the easiest to housebreak of any chi I've ever had. One of the reasons could have been I was home with her all day, and I was never able to do that before.
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