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Italian tonite?

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can anyone tell me if its ok to let your dog eat pasta (occaisionally)?
I made pasta twists last night for supper with a very light tomato sauce on it for the kids, and I came into the kitchen to find my youngest son feeding his left overs to Poppy! The thing is, she is such a picky eater and she was loving it... :D Obviously its not something to give regularly, but as an occaisional treat would it be ok? Thanks! :D
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:wink: I say go for it but watch for onions on the sauce they are toxic to dogs. :wink:
vala444 said:
:wink: I say go for it but watch for onions on the sauce they are toxic to dogs. :wink:
Thanks Vala, I knew about the onions and also the kids wont eat them either... :lol:
Kemo loves pasta, I try not to give the sauce as it can be very acidic to them, so I suck it off or give him some before saucing.......
Let me tell you..... :D I am italian :D .......back home I think EVERYBODY I know feeds pasta to their dogs.No dogs have ever had any kinds of problems so I would say go for it too!
Like Vala said, just watch for what's inside the sauce. :wink:
I think it's fine as long as it doesn't upset her tummy. :) The chi I had growing up LOVED spaghetti but it made her throw up everytime she ate it. :?
Marcus loves pasta. He gets it probably once every week or two. All my dogs have always eaten pasta though. He likes his with butter or alfredo sauce and occasionally with a bit of a tomato based sauce.
Thanks for your replies...I think pasta will become a fave for Poppy! :D
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