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Itchy Dog?!?!?

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Deano itches quite alot particularly being in wet grass, he has no fleas and is clean but he is still itchy? Does any one know what it could be? :wink:
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Could be the grass. I know if I sit in grass I start to itch a lot!
Try washing his body off with a wet wash-cloth after he is outside...see if this helps. I had to do this with my dog for a while...then one day she just stopped itching.
Do you see little red bumps when he comes in? If it is bad enough you might want to think of a vet visit, but try the washcloth thing first.
Let us know!
I agree with Jessica, I itch alot to if I sit in the grass. Princess aviods the grass as much as possible and when she must go in the grass it's as if she tip toes around. I'm lucky we don't have much grass around my house its mostly sand :wink:
Everybody chime in =) Grass allergy is common in every species, but also consider that even though you can't see fleas, they could very well be on your dog anyways, and even if you are using flea preventatives, if they are rampant in areas like grass, your dog will get bit (albeit less often, and their stay will be transient). Fleas and grass always go together, if it's not one, it's the other, and usually it's both =)
In Florida we have what is commonly known as "sand fleas" and in some areas they are really bad especially in spring and summer. In the spring and summer, I use Advantage on Jasmine every 30 days. In the winter, I can wait 45-60 days between treatment. Also, as stated grass, especially wet grass, can cause itchiness.
Thanks for the replys. We took him to a dog groomer to trim him up etc when we first got him and we asked weather he had fleas, and she said no but he did have flea bites. :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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