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hi everyone! i'm glad i stumbled on this page..i've been looking for a good chi forum w/ pic posting...i love it<3

i'm a proud new mommy of a 4.5 lbs, 3 month old chihuahua/toy manchester terrier mix, born on: MAY 01, 2005<3...he's an ivory-ish color with what looks like tan-ish stains all over lol! and BOBO is his name oh =)

i've had him for exactly 3 weeks now and i love him sooo much! i have to admit he was a pain the first week, i think almost cried! but everything's good now. he's the apple of my eye<3 NOW only if we could break his SEPERATION ANXIETY!!! man oh man my world would be perfect.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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