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It's a girl!

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Leia had her puppy naturally with no difficulties. Thank you to everyone for their friendly advice and encouragement.
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Congrats to both mama's glad everything went smoothly she's adorable

Flippedstars your right her blog DOES say she was planning on breeding her...from the blog it seems that the new mama was destined for the show ring? I don't think we have a byb on our hands, but how is it that you are going to breed a female that you thought it spayed???

I'm thinking yes accident but looks like she was never under the impression that puppy was spayed.
My impression on this situation -from the limited information we have is this.

1) I believe this puppy was an accident. But at the same time the planned breeding and knowing she's not spayed..I wonder really was this a situation where "if it happens it happens" was the moto...I'm just not sure.

2) I agree not show quality. I would want to know if she is referring to agility? While I agree that all dogs should first be conformation before you even consider breeding I am also an advocate for, agility champions being potentials for breeding it helps to make the gene pool more balanced. Health and conformation do come first but CH can come agility. -tho the round robin is ideal-

3) I really want to hear from her. She must have known what she allowed to happen was wrong accident or not because she tried to hide the truth from us. I think since we've been lied to we and we've obviously caught her, we deserve the truth
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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