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It's a girl!

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Leia had her puppy naturally with no difficulties. Thank you to everyone for their friendly advice and encouragement.
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if it was an accident how do you know who the dad is and how can you register it?? (i read your blog)

What i will say and im not going to lecture because frankly i find it boring that people dont care or listen.. but singletons are hard work for a breeder.. You need to be the puppies siblings.. knock it off the teats at every single nursing (that means getting up every 2 hours around the clock), its siblings would do this and it teaches them manners.. you unfortunately need to take that roll on now. Mum wont do it, thats not what she is there for. Thats just why its nursing.. weaning time and play time you have a whole bunch more work to do!!
The mama is not show quality.
Neither is the sire if its her other dog... what worries me even more is they were left to breed without supervision!!!!!!!:foxes15:
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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