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Hi ...- I joined this site 6 months ago when I got my new chihuahua puppy - now known as Beau. Beau is my first dog ever so I was trawling the internet looking for advice and came accross this site and realised there where lots of other people that loved these cute little creatures (and I kind of fell for the logo too.) I usualy access from my mobile so have only just got around to uploading Beau,s photo,s on my laptop so will be updating from the last 6 months ... he is the cutest chihuahua ever - I know you all individualy think that about yours too. His personality match his looks - and like dogs should, he matches his owner (I feel so lucky!) .. things that we are simular on ... he hates getting out of bed in the morning, he likes going for moderate walks every day, he likes to run twice a week and have a big long walk at weekend - we are both wary of strangers but extra cuddly with friends and we both do crazy things (his latest is the extra human smile which so far has evaded my camera but will make us millions in advertising once we have mastered how to do on command.) We spend 24 hrs a day with each other most days and we are both very cute which helps us out of trouble when we make our mistakes in life.
Nice to meet you
Bella and Beau x

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Aww welcome Bella & Beau! :p
Hope you enjoy your stay!
Hurry up with the cute pics!
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