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It's BAGEL time!! =D *pic heavy*

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So we adopted out Merlin today. It was bittersweet for me; as though he's come so far I know it'll be scary for him at first. But his new mom is awesome and I know he'll come around for them. We drove about an hour, and since we didn't have any other dogs with us we explored a little; and while there stopped in a Pet Supplies Plus store. They had these little bagels for 40 cents each... they were so cute I had to get one for each of the doggies at home. So without further adieu... BAGEL TIME!!! OMNOMNOMNOM....

And of course, a series just of my Lua... <3

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These next ones aren't of the bagel series; but I wanted to share anyway...

She always 'stretches' with her feet on my legs lol

My lil Sushi roll!!!

One of the last pix I took of my handsome Merlin before we left this morning. I love this pic; as his eyes are just captivating and he looks so regal. Words can't describe how proud I am of him and how far he's come.
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What happened to merlins ears if u dnt mind me asking?
Well, we're not entirely sure but it's suspected it was a way of notching to 'mark' certain dogs in the mill (that much I do know, that he came from one in MO but don't know details.) I actually posted asking that myself- LOL- here's a link to that thread.

I will be sure to update you all once I hear anything!
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