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Hi all,

So this is more of a return rather than a newbie post, however on a new account.

It must be around 5 years since I have been on the forum, before a regular poster at the young age of 14/15! My previous (and embarrassing!) Username was theshanman97, I thought I was so cool...

The last time I posted I had just left my beautiful Chihuahua x Tillie and been moved in to foster care. I now am spending more time with my little Tillie (a night or so every other week) as me and my partner prepare for the birth of our first child in February :)

I have returned back to the forum as I have missed it! I loved the friendships and support I had at that time in my life, as annoying as I must have been! Tillie is still my dog but as you can guess, has been in my Mothers care for a good few years which has been out of my hands. I have no plans to take her back as I feel this is unfair on her, the other dog and my mum. However, we are coming to a sharing agreement. I am really coming back for the friendship and the advice needed to get back into the swinging of caring for my little bundle of fluff!

I hope to get to know some of you well and maybe bump into some old friends! :coolwink:
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