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Because Tango's a cream color, any discharge from his eyes is very visible on his white coat. When I first rescued him I started using Eye Envy to remove the brown staining from under the eye area. I'd heard a lot about Angels Eyes, but I didn't like the idea of giving him anything ingestible, if I could find a topical product would would as well. Eye Envy fit the bill perfectly. But honestly, once I got him well and got him on a grain free diet, his eye discharge cleared up almost completely.

But I've noticed something and just wondered if any of you have a similar issue. When MY allergies flare up, so does the weeping from one of Tango's eyes. This time of year my eyes get so bad that I sometimes can't even wear my contacts because in spite of taking appropriate allergy medicine, I feel like I'm walking around with grains of sand in my eyes!

Tango only has a problem in one of his eyes, the other seem doesn't seem to bother him at all. But the left one will weep and create the brown staining under it. I don't think it bothers him too much, but I do notice that he will rub his paw over it occasionally, and then lick his paw, much like a cat does when they're grooming themselves. They're not outside very much so it's not like he's constantly up close and personal with a bunch of allergens. But even so, that one eye will start to flare up around the same time that I have to start taking my allergy medicine again.

It flares up again in the fall too, another time the pollens get bad, but spring in the worst. Any of you have similar, seasonal problems with your chis?
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