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I've been keeping a secret from you all....

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.... and all I can say is 4 MORE WEEKS!!!! :D

My dream is finally coming true!!!!!!! She's 8 weeks old today :)

Ahhhh time is going by so slooooowly!!!
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Beautiful baby! She looks like she is smiling! Can't wait till you get her. :)
Omg she is stunning!

I get mine in 4 weeks too, exciting!
She's beautiful, congrats! :)
So so sweet, Congratulations!!!
Congratulations, she is just gorgeous!!
Oh my gosh, what a cutie pie!! I bet you're staring at the calendar willing it to move faster.
Omg congrats hon! Simply beautiful! Love that smirk!
She is gorgeous!! Can't wait til you get her and you can share more pics! :)
Wow! Congrats :) You're going to have a very busy holiday season this year!
So cute!!! I dont know how you kept it a secret!! Im so excited (and jealous) for you!!
She looks lovely :) what breeder is she from? x
Congratulations! What an adorable and precious baby!
Oh wow! She looks just like Chanel did at that age!
VERY pretty! Lucky you! Congratulations! :p
She is soo cute! She has such an adorable little face. Congrats!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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