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I've noticed a few owners in Durham, UK

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How does everyone feel about having a bit of meet up in Durham, or somewhere nearby, when the weather warms up next year?
If people don't have transport I don't mind picking them up.

My LeStat only gets to play with my other three and they are all massive to him, even my mini jrt, I'd like to find out what he's like with other smaller dogs.
He seems fine when he sees other dogs when we're out but is too nervous to risk him meeting them too closely as they are much bigger than him around ours!

I took him to my sisters, who has a 16lb pedigree chi, hers is a right begger with dogs though so LeStat was terrified. Anyway CoCo is bigger than my mini jrt!
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Still wondering if there are any owners out there in our area who would like to meet up for a walk along the riverside in Durham, the park at Chester-le-Street or somewhere similar nearby.
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