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Jack and Nino,s Diary

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Hello everyone, 31 mei

This is the diary off nino and jack,

Jack is 7 weeks whe buy him in spain its a male chihuahua he is white and light bown.

Nino is 3 months whe buy him also in spain he is a black and tan pup.

First whe have Nino than mine boyfriend buy,s Jack ass a present for me so now i have 2 little baby,s and i am very hapy.
Its the first time that i have dogs soo its al new for me.
Today jack and nino are with me at work the sleep and play the whole day, about 5 minutes i am going at home so tomorow i will ride furder.

have a nice evening bey bey
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1 juni

Hello today a new day,

Jack and Nino sleep good this night the hole night they where ver still
Now ther a sleeping at mine office in the basket they are so adorable
Yesterday whe go to the beach jack in mine hand and nino in the sand nino whas playing and jack look around en sleep.
then whe going in the car Jack loves it but Nino hate,s driving around he get a little bit carsik when whe get home the chihuahua race starts in house Nino begins and jack run after him in to the garden hihi.
12 a clock they goes to bed.
xxx :wink:

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awwwww so sweet. two little babies. I have two babies too. I have two girls. Torie (short for La Tormenta) and Binki (short for Blanca). They've cute as buttons. Congrats on the babies.
hi hi

do you have pictures ? xxxxxxx
I can't seem to get the pictures from my camera to upload on this forum. they're too big. I'm sorry.
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