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jacob weekend away pics

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well as promised pics from jakes show -

just getting ready-

in action on the table-

doing the walk-

the line up-
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Great photos :) he looks so good 8)

I love the "doing the walk" photo :D :D
lol he is proper swinging his little legs ha :D
the ground in the ring was real holey and grass was real long so it wasnt the best ground to be showing on but he stil had fun
what a cutie patootie boy!!!!!!!!!!! love to see him in action!
i had to ad a pic here of a little female pup i see at the show she just made my heart melt now i know my next and last chi will hopefylly be a black and tan she is seriously gorgous and doing so well in the show ring i love her to bits

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yeah he had a great time thanks next time we have a weekend away im gonna take them all hopefully i need a caravan lol
It looks like Jacob had a lot of fun at the show!! He's so handsome doing his "thing"!! Does he realize what's going on when you take him there? They say some dogs just "know" where they're going, whether it be a frisbee competition or a dog show. I love watching dog shows on TV because it always looks like every dog knows he or she is the best dog out there and they have so much fun.

Cooper has that instinct... when we get in the car, I don't have to say a word... he just "knows" we're heading to the coffee shop and gets all excited. There's a little bump in the road when you turn onto the street that the coffee shop is on... he waits to feel that bump and jumps up, as if to say "are we there yet??" I don't know how he differenciates between that bump and all the others though... :scratch:
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chihuahua-lady said:
yeah he had a great time thanks next time we have a weekend away im gonna take them all hopefully i need a caravan lol
.................................................................... What about a motor home van, id love one of those! Wish they were nearer to me id love to go see a chi show.Weve got a companion dog show within the carnival next week but somehow its not quite the same :D Lovely pictures!
oh yeah he knows as soon as the show lead goes on he knows exactly whats happening and he acts the pro lol then he has a harness for normal walks so he knows the difference he has a nice few weeks of the harness now as no shows til september time

and as for the camper van oh id love one it would be great for showing plus a great getaway with all the dogs at weekends
He looks absolutely stunning!!!!!!! You must win every show!!!!!! I love the one of him on the table.
Jake looks like he did a great job! :D Cute photos!
He looks so good and so does that little girl. :wink:
:D great pics, Im glad your both back and it looks like you had major fun fun fun did you win anything? Not that that matters when your having fun lol
That black and tan, vicki you know how i feel about them :D Id love my chi to look exactly like that one! But Vicki I get him Tuesday! :D
yay im sooo pleased for you iv got the black and tan longcoat bug now stef id love one she was soooo soooo pretty and perfect yeah we had a great time he got a third there was write up in chi chat most of all jake had loads of fun especially in new forest lol
omg Ive been New forest, I camped there lol Id show pics but it was a few years ago and me by the lake in the worst clothes lol!!!! :D
Glad he came out with a 3rd, proud of the star!
Just love beautiful Jacob pics. :lol: And love those pics of him walking, he's so very cute. :lol:
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