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jacobs pic from paper! yay hes a star to cute

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well they came through in the post today and i got them scanned straight away so here is the pic that will be in the dog paper from when he won best of breed and best puppy of breed and all 3 classes he was in he is such a cutie oh how i love my jacob

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***dribbles*** hes major handsome, Vicki you know how I feel for your jacob lol one day I will ask his hand in marriage lololol

he looks like a true star Vik, very proud of his paws :wink:

He is a cutie and congratulations :wave:
awwwww this photo is just the best yet of him he is sooooooo pretty awww i know im his mum i would say that but i think he is gorgous lol :oops:
What a lovely photo , awww hes such a stunner , he looks ultra gorgeous in that pic :wave:
That photo needs to be in a chi calendar or something - it's perfect!!
awwww thankyou i wanna try and take out the lead and see what it looks like anyone have any ideas how i do that
If you use Photoshop or any software with the same tools, you may be able to use the eraser tool to erase the lead, then use the blur or blend tool to blend the grass in the background, since it's already a bit blurry.
I could blend it out for you Vicki, if you want.
I have photoshop and i've used it for about 4-5years now. :)

He looks really good, you must be so proud.
It's done! :oops: :D
Do you want me to post it in here now for you to see?
post it... I want to compare it to the one I did. LOL

I don't use PS much, so I think I did a pretty good job for a novice.
LMAO!! Cooper you're so funny :lol:
hehe! But you're right, for a novice you've done great :shock: :)

I'm not claiming to be an expert or that :oops:
I just love editing pictures :)

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wow... our pics look really alike. Except *I* took the time to crop out the white border. <thinking I'm all special and stuff>
LOL it's on the top and the right side of the photo.... unless you're looking at MY photo, then it's not there at all. heehee :D
awwwwwww thanks you guys they are great exactly what i wanted awwwwww that could be a calender photo now awww im just gonna keep saying awwwwww
He looks stunning!!! :D

And you both did a good job editing it!!! :lol:
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