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jacobs pic is going to be in dog paper

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hi all well he has had a few write ups in the dog papers we had one this week from his champ show and have had a few in the past few weeks as well but as he did so well yesterday they had a photographer take his pic outside he posed and everything lol and she will send me the proofs then i pick best photo and i get some and his pic will be in the dog paper saying he got best of breed and best pup of breed yay i was soooooooo proud
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thankyou i am sooooooooooooooo pleased :D
lol now hes gonna be in a magazine.. :shock: I only ever made it into the paper lol with irish dancing... Everyone Im in competition with Jacob lolol :twisted:
Jacob vs Stef... the battle has just begun!!! :D :wink:
Im proud of him! :D
That's wonderful news. :lol: Hope we get to see some of those pics. :p

Stefanie, how about posting a pic of you in your Irish dancing clothes. I'd love to see one. :p
ow no no no lol it was when I was like 10 lol but I was good :wink: ... Jacobs winning me though *huff* :D lol
lol stef awww are you stil doing your dancing?
i was looking on the american e bay and see a great tu-tu would look great on ruby she would kill me ha lol
ow me and ruby could be dance partners lol
I dont do Irish dancing no more.. I stopped after 5 years..
I went on to Pineapple dance studios (unsure if youve heard of it.. London members might?)
and am now looking into Latin American... :wave:
is that the place that have there own clothes as well im prob wrong so your really into dancing then id love to do it but have never plucked up the courage i bet its good excercise
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