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she is sooo cute when she sleeps :D

i woke them up when they heard me snaping the flast buttom :lol:

Another Picuter?! GOD!!!!

make up time... he was try'n to sleep and she gets up there and lick him after she does mean things to him

Here's a pic of my sister and the dogs

I don't know but for soem reason i really like this pic even thought her eyes are close!

i had to send these into CKC. what do you think he fit the profile?

Now i hope you guys can see these...

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My dad says you can't complain unless you paid for it. LOL

The last time he told me that, I was 17 and he had just bought me a brand new car in a color I didn't like.

Instead of posting again, I'll just edit here :D

Great pics!! They're SO much cuter than the "image hosted at tripod" logos!! :lol: :lol:
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