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Jamoka (The cuteiset Brindle!!!!!)

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We just joined Dogster! :wave:
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THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! this is the first comment i got since i got here :wave: :p
He is very cute - I have never seen a brindle Chihuahua in real life. They are so unique. I liked the story on how you found him! :D
What a handsome boy and I love his name and the meaning of it. Welcome, hope to see lots more pictures of Jamoka
:wave: Hi and welcome! I have a reverse Brindle :D
Jamoka said:
THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! this is the first comment i got since i got here :wave: :p
its a big board dont worry people will see you :D :D :wave:
He's so pretty!!

Welcome to the board! :wink:
what a little cutie!

Welcome! :wave:

Love n hugs

S xXx
You little Jamoka is a cutie! I love the Brindle Chi's!! I have three Chi's and one of them is a long-haired Brindle Chi. His name is Teddy Bear. He is two years old and sweet as pie.

Here is a link to see him..

sandra :wave:
:wave: welcome to the board. what a cutie you have there. And I just love the name!
Hi and welcome! :wave: Beautiful chi, lovely name. I just submitted the request to have Lily be his first pup pal on dogster. :)
The Chihuahuas you have as your avatar are actually my Chihuahuas.Obviously they havent been removed from the avatar choice yet!!!!!!!!!!
i sent a pup pal request, he's got such a great face and name too!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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