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Jamoka! what a stud!

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these are jamoka's 8 month old picuters! I hope these work:

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:shock: :shock: :shock: wow he's stunning !!! is that a professional photo ? it's really original

kisses nat
yea they are i went to petsmart and got them done! my baby so cute
sorry i tend to say that alot! :lol:
He is adorable - my 2 wouldnt lay down for a pic like that lol :lol:
believe me it was a fight! i was there about an hour try'n to get them pics
wow they are great pix..your baby is soo the 1st pix i would have that made into pop art on canvas :) love it
star x
oh he is a handsome fella that is for sure! i want pics like that done of chiwi too since my pics aren't the greatest.
omg hes gorgeous! brindles are so pretty. i lvoe the pic i was thinking of going to get them done there too but i think it would be hard especially with two haha aweosme pic!
He is definately a looker. Wow! I love his coat.

HE'S A LOOKER :notworthy:
What a cutie! Great now Hershey wants to go to PetsMart to be a pro model like your beautiful baby.
(notice how I put that from her and not me :oops: )
Fantastic Picture!!! I love the Brindles! My long-haired Brindle Teddy gets attention every where we go!!! Jamoka is gorgeous!! :D

What a handsome boy he is! And so well behaved to sit there like a pro. Lily would have her tail tucked under her with a pained look on her face. :lol:
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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