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Lol I love the crooked ears ... Made me giggle

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Thank you! Jaxx's ears are definitely part of his personality. They change based on his mood. Most of the time unless he is tired one is usually up and one is usually down but they switch around a lot.

Jaxx is a cutie pie and hubby is a keeper!
I was so surprised. I opened the door to let him in the house and there was 2 dozen roses just because he wanted to say he loved me.

Jaxx may not be impressed, but I am!
He's such a cute little fella'! Love the flowers! So sweet of hubby!
Thank you. Jaxx and hubby are both definitely keepers. Tyler is big on roses. There is a van in the mall parking lot where they sell Tyler Roses every day of the year for $2.50 a dozen. It makes me feel less guilty for hubby spending money on flowers for me when they only cost $5 for 2 dozen.

Hehe, He's a boy, they simply don't get it Lol
It was cute he was so interested in the flowers when hubby brought them home until I put him next to them and then he did not want anything to do with them.

What a sweet husband you have! The roses are gorgeous! Jaxx is probably sore that he did not think of it first :)
I definitely do. I was just feeling very thankful for having him in my life yesterday and then he showed up with roses and made me cry. Jaxx gave me lots of kisses and cuddles last night too.

Mom dad got you flowers where is my present! LOL
Christie that is so funny that is exactly what I said as I took the pictures.

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Sweet hubby! :love2: You deserve it Amy, you're a good girl. Don't expect anything less but total love and admiration from your man.
Jaxx is a typical boy, no time to smell the roses gotta go go go, run run run, fun fun fun!!!
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