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Jaxx is being neutered on Monday..

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Jaxx is being neutered on Monday. I am freaking out because I am scared that something will happen.

Is there anything special that I should do when he comes home? I know I am going to miss him a lot Monday until he returns home around 6pm.

I am sure that the vet will give me instructions but I figured I would come here and find out from the experts here.
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Best wishes on a easy procedure for him. I have no clue about male animals recovery never owned a boy animal ever only gals and they stayed overnight but did fine when they came home.
I will watch your thread to see how Jax does. Chachi has to have it done in February....dreading it.
Charlie was 8months when he was neutered and he did fine. My vet keepsbthe boys overnight too. He was a little sore for a couple of days and had stitches out a week later. Good luck with your boy. I'm sure he will be fine.
I am so aggravated! Jaxx was supposed to be neutered this morning. We arrived at 6:15 am to be there by 6:30. We sat in the parking lot for an hour and no one showed up at the vets office. I was a wreck all night worrying about today and finally convinced myself it would be okay then. the vet I guess decided to close for the holiday and did not notify us. They even called on Friday to remind us about today. Guess it is time to look for a new vet.
Sad thing is my boyfriend did not get off work last night until after midnight but got up at 5:30 to go with me to drop Jaxx off. I feel bad for his lack of sleep the stress I have put Jaxx through by me being worried.
Sheesh, I hate things like that. Sorry your morning is ruined. I would give the vet a piece of my mind, but not neccesarily go to another if everything else is good there. Things do happen.
The vet got a HUGE piece of my mind and then some. They tried to say that they told me the 17th but, I had the voice mail that they left me on Friday reminding me to drop him off at 6:30 am on Monday the 16th....
I was not real impressed with that vet office. Perhaps I am spoiled by my vet that we had always used in WV for as long as I can remember. The vet in WV did not just seem like a vet they were like family. When we would take my previous golden retriever in for anything they showed him just as much love as we did. You could tell Shadow that he was going to the (we would just say "Vet") and he would get super excited.
This vet is all business and I had to actually ask several times to go into the exam room with Jaxx and talk to the vet. They wanted me to just wait and deal only with the receptionist.
So when they messed up his appointment day for his neutering it was like a last straw.
I have made many calls in the last two days and went and had a appt with a couple of vets to see if I liked them. Finally I found one that fit my requirements and actually acted like he cared about animals. (I think it helped that the receptionist staff actually acted like they liked animals as well.)
So Jaxx is scheduled to be dropped off at 8 am on Thursday to be neutered. They had a cancellation so they were able to get him in this week.
The vet said that he needs to wear a e-collar for 14 days (he noticed that Jaxx was a licker and a biter *biter of himself not others* right away so he said it was important for him to wear the collar ....did anyone's pet have to wear a collar for that long? I can't imagine making Jaxx wear one of those things for 2 weeks.
This vet was great and I am not so nervous as I was before because I think Jaxx is in good hands. I do not think the other vet was bad but I just did not care for their attitudes towards animals. It felt like a doctors office that we go to where the doctor does not care about their patients and are only in it for the money.
I am sure my anxiety will start back up tomorrow but for right now I am glad that the process is almost over.
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I think you should chalk up Monday's events to a totally meant to be kind of thing...
You didn't care for the vet or the support staff, you were concerned and nervous for this procedure & then to add no confidence in the Vet that didn't help matters. A vet is someone you have to have confidence in. That BS about not being able to speak with the vet and only deal with the receptionist (no disrespect to receptionists meant) and having to "ask" to go back in the room with your pet ~ is shifty and sh1tty! (pardon my numerically deceptive lingo)

I like to believe things happen for a reason and this was definitely one of those things. You can tell just in your post you have ten times the confidence in the new vet that you had in that yahoo you were dealing with before. So in the long run giving you the shaft was probably the best "service" they were ever capable of giving.

Keep us posted, please.

(Holy Typos!)
I'm glad you found a vet you like, it's so important to have one you trust. I love where I go. Instead of an e collar, you can try a baby onsie. It covers the area so they can't lick or scratch yet is not so obnoxious as a collar. You just cut a hole in it for his tail. A lot of people put it on upside down, it covers more. Just have to take it off when he needs to pee. And even when I did have to use a collar on a dog, it was only the first few days, never two whole weeks.
Something like this
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Jaxx is at the vet now being neutered. My boyfriend kept telling him this morning it was my fault that he was going to be hurting later.
Looking forward to five when he can be picked up.
I love the idea about the onsie since the e-collar is already driving him nuts!

We picked him up and he is home and very whiny which is making me feel bad.
Poor little one. He will be up and bouncing around and you will be trying to keep him calm before you know it. You did the best for him. Keep remembering that!
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