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Oh Thank God! Jolie has a bacterial infection probably caused by the stress in her life this past week per my Vet. Poor baby, there really has been alot for her to take in during the past 7 days, beginning with a 4 1/2 hour trip to my house last Saturday. Also, she was not used to common household sounds like the tv or a telephone ringing, or dishes clanging in the sink. I was so worried it would be something much worse!
Dr Dunn prescribed Amoxil 2xday til gone and Hill's prescription diet for the next 3 days. No fever, no parasites. I gave her the first dose of amoxil, waited 30 minutes to see how she was going to tolerate it (she did fine), then gave her the new food. She snarfed it down! She has been eating so poorly all week i was relieved to see her eat like that. More good news is she actually gained 3 oz since Monday! :D :D
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